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Nettle root extract/6,7 dihydroxybergamottin 45%

Product Name : Nettle root extract/6,7 dihydroxybergamottin 45%
Product ID : Nettle root PE-Cas N/A
Specification : 45% HPLC
Color : Dark Brown Powder
Packing : Aluminium Foil Bags/Drum
MOQ : >50g
Sample requirement : Free or due to final agreement

Product Introduction

6,7 dihydroxybergamottin is a natural furanocoumarin found principally in grapefruit juice. Along with the chemically related compound bergamottin, it is believed to be responsible for the grapefruit juice effect, in which the consumption of the juice affects the metabolism of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Although most of research show 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin is found in Grapefruit, but the commercial extracted 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin on the market is actually from a plant called Nettle (Urtica cannabina). The young Nettle roots contain much higher quantity of 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin than it could be found in the older plants or the grapefruit.

Effects / Benefits / Uses

Along with the chemical Bergamottin, 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin is believed to be responsible for the grapefruit juice effect in which the consumption of the juice affects the metabolism of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Normally, the grapefruit juice effect is considered to be a negative interaction, and patients are often warned not to consume grapefruit or its juice when taking medication. However, some current research is focused on the potential benefits of cytochrome P450 inhibition. Bergamottin, dihydroxybergamottin, or synthetic analogs may be developed as drugs that are targeted to increase the oral bioavailability of a broad range of medications, as it produces mechanism-based inhibition of intestinal drug metabolism when consumed.

6,7-dihydroxybergamottin is considered as inhibitor of some isoforms of the cytochrome P450 enzyme, particularly CYP3A4. This prevents oxidative metabolism of certain drugs by the enzyme, resulting in an elevated concentration of drug in the bloodstream.Therefore 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin is also sold on the market as anabolic amplifier of increasing the absorption of supplements, drugs, oral anabolic steroids.

Main Function:

1. to increase the oral biovailability of prohormanes, such as bodybuilding supplements and drugs

2. relieves sickness and stabilize scare, make the blood circulate well and stop pain, hold the digestion bowel movement and the disintoxicating effect.

3. It can remedy for dandruff and it can bring back the natural color of hair.

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