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MK-2866 (Ostarine)

MK-2866 (Ostarine)
Product Name : MK-2866 (Ostarine)
Product ID : MK-2866
Specification : 99% - HPLC
Packing : Aluminium Foil Bags
Shipping Method : Sea/Air/Courier
MOQ : 50G
Sample Request : Free/Due to final agreement


MK-2866 also well known as Ostarine, Enobasarm or GTx-024. MK-2866(Ostarine) was created by GTx to avoid and treat muscle wasting which is one of the earliest SARM(selective androgen receptor module) introduced to the market.As MK-2866(Ostarine) will not cause virilization problems in women, it has been used by both females and males in anabolic purposes.


Studies and report shows that MK-2866(Ostarine) has benefits such as:

Increasing lean mass gains

Improve muscle strength

Improve healing abilities

losing body fats

Ostarine causes muscle growth in a similar way to steroids, but it has no negative effects on the prostate or other secondary sexual organs. Due to MK-2866(Ostarine) possitive lean mass gains and minimum side effects, it is been used widly in some bodybuilding products specially in US and Autralia market. However it is still a banned substance for athletes to take and most of products on market should be only use for research purpose.

Side Effect and Dosage

So far reports shows the MK-2866(Ostarine) is very safe for both females and males. Recommanded dosage is 10-15mg for 4 weeks.

All studies and products are only for researching purpose only.

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