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Hordenine Hcl

Hordenine Hcl
Product Name : Hordenine Hcl
Product ID : CAS NO: 539-19-1
Specification : 98%-HPLC
Packing : Aluminium Foil Bags/Drum(25kg)
Shipping Method : Air / Sea / Courier
MOQ : >50G
Sample requirement : Free or due to final agreement

Product Introduction 

Hordenine Hcl is an alkaloid of the phenethylamine class that occurs naturally. Hordenine Hcl is also know as N,N-Dimethyltyramine that exist in a variety of plants such as bitter orange,and barley grass.

Chemically, hordenine is the N-methyl derivative of N-methyltyramine, and the N,N-dimethyl derivative of the well-known biogenic amine tyramine, from which it is biosynthetically derived and with which it shares some pharmacological properties.(1)

Hordenine Hcl was widely market as an ingredients of nutritional supplements It is considered to be an effective stimulant of central nervous system. Hordenine Hcl can also help people to loss weight by enhancing metabolism, so it is also be used in bodybuilding supplement products.



Hordenine Hcl have cognitive-enhancing benefits like improving mental focus and boosting concentration. It also can lift mood and provide energy. It is a natural MAO(monoamine oxidase) inhibitor that controls and blocks MAOs to remain the hormone levels strong, so it can help to boost concentration and improve memory.

Hordenine is also work as a stimilant to produce more epinephrine to help body to burn off excess fatty acid. It also has potent effects by promoting system-wide natural energy though higher metabolism. therefore Athletes, body builders normally also use it as a fat-burner.


Side Effects/Dosage

Hordenine Hcl was consider to be safe by mild side effects were also reported such as: stomach problems, difficulty sleeping, increased heartbeat, anxiety.These side effect can be resolved by lowering dosage or stop taking it.

Recommended dosage for Hordenine Hcl: 50mg-75mg perday, can be taken with coffee in the morning to enhance the effects






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