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4-DHEA Enanthate

4-DHEA Enanthate
Product Name : 4-DHEA Enanthate
Product ID : 4-DE
Specification : 98% HPLC
Packing : Aluminium Foil Bags/Drum(25kg)
Shipping Method : Air/Sea/Courier
MOQ : >50g
Sample Requirement : Free or due to final agreement

Product Introduction

4-DHEA Enanthate is an improved prohormane base on 4-DHEA. It is 4-DHEA with an enanthate ester attched to the steroid molecule to assist in bioavailability.4-DHEA is a naturally occurring DHEA isomer. It’s structure closely resembles regular DHEA but the double bond in the 4th position dramatically changes its effects.4-DHEA Enanthate has similar but much stronger effects and benefits to oringinal 4-DHEA (also similar to super-4-DHEA)


4-DHEA enanthate readily converts to 4-androstenediol, rather than 5-androstenediol, boosting its anabolic potency more than 2x over regular DHEA.  4-DHEA enanthate is also expected to have a higher conversion rate to testosterone compared to regular DHEA.The 4-DHEA enanthate also lacks the calorie burning thermogenic properties, therefore offering superior calorie retention for a bulking effect.This increased anabolic potency and reduced thermogenic action will lead to noticeable gains in strength, lean tissue growth, and weight gain. 

So the main effects of 4-DHEA Enanthate including:

Muscle mass (nitrogen retention)


Blood volume (hematopoietic)


IGF-1 & GH

4-DHEA enanthate will have mild estrogen conversion that can be easily balanced with a non-aromatizing steroid like androsterone or 1-DHEA. Overall gains of 4-DHEA Enanthate will be similar to the original “4-AD” banned in the 2004 Steroid Control Act.

Side Effects

As with the other DHEA isomers, 4-DHEA is naturally occurring and non-toxic.Therefore the Side-effects of 4-DHEA enanthate such as oily skin or reduced fertility are considered mild and temporary. The most notable side-effect would be suppression of natural testosterone production, which makes PCT necessary after a cycle. Overall 4-DHEA enanthate is a very safe and effective lean muscle building agent.

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